Healthy Spreads - Variety Pack (3X180g)

Does each person at home have their own favourite? Try our variety pack and save money, it includes Raspberry, Cocoa and Chai in one pack. They are equally perfect as a healthy dessert,  on a toast for a quick breakfast, kid’s afternoon tea, as a healthy sweet dip as accompaniment for a cheese board, or as a condiment for your recipes.

Made with the goodness of wholesome ingredients such as lentils, fruits and vegetables. You will recognize all the ingredients in these healthy spreads. We have no added sugars, preservatives or artificial ingredients.

✔️ No added sugar
✔️ Plant-based
✔️ All-natural
✔️ Preservatives free
✔️ Artificial ingredients free
✔️ Palm oil-free
✔️ No added salt

Please see each individual spread for detailed product, ingredient information.

3 tubs of 180g

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Allergy Advice: May contain traces of peanuts, other tree nuts, sesame seeds, lupins, and soybeans.

Store instructions:Keep refrigerated between 1-4 °C.

Shelf life: Our spreads are guaranteed to ship to you with at least 15 days of shelf life when stored in the refrigerator at all times. 

Reuse: Our tubs can have multiple uses, please don’t throw them away.